Liven up your room with a natural rug

When your plan is brightening up your home and using rugs in the form of an accent, then you can certainly consider rugs that are manufactured from natural fibers. Natural rugs besides being an eco-friendly choice, do offer all kinds of other advantages. Commonly, the benefits that you can derive from natural rugs are non-toxicity. Additionally, these rugs tend to be economical, hard-wearing, and help in lessening noise. And the best thing is these rugs look absolutely great.

The kinds of rug materials

There are different kinds of natural fibers that are used in the manufacturing of rugs and the common ones are namely; bamboo, wool, jute, mountain grass, hemp, sisal, and paper.

Bamboo is widely used in nations, such as China and India for centuries and it is an appropriate source of material. The bamboo natural rugs are moisture-resistant, resilient, durable, and you can clean them easily.

Sisal rugs tend to be long-lasting and resilient too. Sisal goes extremely well with other kinds of fibers and it can be utilized for making combination rugs with materials, such as wool and seagrass. However, you shouldn’t use these rugs for wet areas, like bathrooms.

Another fine natural material meant for rugs is hemp. These rugs are resistant to stains, water, and static. Additionally, these rugs are highly comfortable.

Coir is viewed as a material which is made from the coconut’s husk. It can be drawn into a rope besides woven into rugs. As coir can be easily dyed, these rugs are found in a huge range of outstanding colors and designs.

Jute is recognized as a natural and soft fiber which is used for various purposes that range from sacks and bags to mats and rugs. As jute is very soft, it would be wiser not to utilize them where individuals move a lot. The good thing is jute rugs are commonly inexpensive.

Paper rugs are very smooth besides being attractive and sturdy. Again, seagrass is considered the most economical material which is used for rugs and these rugs are shiny, long-lasting, and smooth.

The mountain grass rugs are durable and hard and they look similar to wood.

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Cleaning a jute rug

With improper care, jute rugs can turn stained, mildewed, and discolored and so, you must know the method of cleaning a jute bag. The following steps would guide you in this process:

  • Make use of a soft bristle brush with a dab of water for cleaning spills on your jute rug.
  • Vacuum your jute rug two times a week for preventing the accumulation of dirt.
  • Make use of a dry-cleaning powder for cleaning.
  • Scrape solid spills with the help of a dull knife before brushing off with an inflexible brush.
  • Clean liquid spills by blotting.
  • And finally, dry the wet spills with a hairdryer.